We’ve just noticed this property as we had recently carried out a FREE site survey for an intruder alarm, but it looks like they have gone down the DIY route. That’s okay, it’s whatever gives you peace of mind, but it is a DIY system and we hope that it has been set up and commissioned correctly, otherwise what’s the point. You can see that their previous alarm was also NOT professionally installed because a professional accredited company would install a bell box with their name and logo. This was probably also a DIY install.

It’s worth checking with your home insurance company, who usually insists on a Grade 2 alarm system as a minimum and that the alarm is annually maintained.

We are often asked to install a DIY alarm bought by the homeowner, but as an NSI Gold approved company we can only install Grade 2 (and Grade 3) insurance approved alarms. This is a lovely house in an exclusive part of Barnet and we would have sent a quote based on our visit and recommended monitoring, with or without Police response.

We believe that you get what you pay for. Our alarms are guaranteed all parts and labor for 12 months and if you continue the maintenance for the 2nd year then all the parts are guaranteed for a further 12 months. An off-the-shelf DIY alarm is usually fitted by a handyman and the equipment will only be guaranteed for 12 months; if anything went wrong within that period then the Homeowner would have to remove the equipment and return it, hoping for a replacement. He would then have to pay the handyman for his time to re-install – what a lot of hassle! All Bell Box installed by Third Eye are guaranteed for 12 months, parts and labor, so no hassle and no additional costs, plus you get an NSI Gold certificate of Conformity. By the way, if we had carried out an installation at this property we would have removed all old bell boxes – no extra charge!

We have calculated that an average 5 zone alarm system breaks down to just £13 per week over 12 months. How much is your peace of mind worth?

TIP: If you want a professionally installed alarm system with 12 months guarantee to return to the site and replace any faulty equipment, followed by a further 12 months guarantee parts only, then call Third Eye 0208 368 1080 or sales@thirdeyeis.co.uk