Ladder Burglaries are a real danger! We have just been to do a quote at a new customer’s home, as unfortunately they have just been burgled. The burglar made use of the ladder he found in the neighbor’s garden – which was obviously not chained up! He used this to get through an upstairs window, where he ransacked all the upper rooms. We call this a Ladder Burglaries! We believe that this was a targeted burglary as there was an alarm in place, but it is well known that this, nationwide, alarm company installs dummy boxes – which do not sound/ring. Also, the burglar stayed upstairs, thus avoiding setting off 2 devices, which would have called the monitoring station, who in turn would have immediately called the Police.
We are now quoting to carry out a Takeover Service of this alarm and will be recommending installing some more detection devices and possibly some window shock sensors, and we will definitely be installing a live front bell box which will ring, very loudly, if any devices are activated.
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