The latest data recently released from Money Supermarket has found that busy urban areas remain the biggest targets for theft.  North London postcodes, in particular Whetstone, make an appearance in the top 10.  The report states that the value for laptops, jewellery, watches and bicycles has also grown in the last year as we all invest in the latest gadgets.

Kevin Pratt, the consumer affairs expert at Money Supermarket, said: “Burglars are interested in two things: where should I go to find stuff worth stealing and where am I least likely to get caught? Our findings suggest busy urban areas are the biggest targets for theft, but those who call leafy suburbia home should also be aware of the risks associated with the higher anticipated value of their belongings.  Burglary results in a double dose of trauma, with both emotional and financial repercussions taking a long-term toll on those affected. To avoid the turmoil, it’s vital to be vigilant against break-ins and to bolster home security to prevent them in the first place.

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