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A new customer came into our Whetstone Showroom (N20 9BS) enquiring about a CCTV system for her home security.  We were able to demonstrate the cameras we have on display in our showroom. Which give live feedback to one of our mobile phones.  She was very impressed and we booked a FREE security survey of her property, to enable us to give an exact quote for the installation.

In our discussions, she told us that there had been an attempted burglary at her Whetstone home the night before. She was extremely upset and feeling very nervous about her safety.  The burglar had hopped onto the flat roof and was in the process of breaking the lock on the bedroom window.  Fortunately, her dog heard the noise and started barking, waking up the whole household and causing the burglar to flee.

Apparently, she has an alarm, which was installed over 6 years ago, and she has had it regularly serviced every year.  However, she doesn’t have a device on the windows of the rooms which can be accessed from the flat roof.  This is something we highly recommend and would highlight such a vulnerable area. So for our customers when we carry out our FREE survey.

We have since carried out our FREE survey. At the same time assessed her existing intruder alarm.  We sent her a quote for the CCTV system and a quote to take over and improve her existing alarm system to include sensors on the upstairs windows and on some downstairs patio doors as well.

This customer was very happy with our survey, our recommendations, and our quotes and has now booked us in to carry out all the works proposed, thereby making her property safe and secure.

TIP:  If you have an existing alarm is it working?  Are you using it?  Does it cover all areas of your property?  Give Third Eye Installation Systems a call on 0208 368 1080 or sales@thirdeyeis.co.uk to discuss your home security in Barnet, Enfield, Harrow, Edgware, North London, St Albans, Welwyn Garden City, Essex and surrounding areas and let us Keep a Secure Eye on your Home!

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