Dog Owners – Beware!

We often hear people say that they don’t need an alarm because they have a dog.

Unfortunately, we recently received an enquiry from a homeowner who was burgled whilst they took their dog for a walk!

The thieves broke through the porch door and then jemmied the front door. They took many items, plus precious jewelry and even the television! This customer was extremely upset by the whole incident as it would appear that someone had been watching their movement and possibly waiting for them to leave the house – it’s not a great feeling knowing you have been targeted.

third eye bell box


Dog owners and others out there, we are here to help. Securing your home doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Here are Third Eye Installation Systems, we pride ourselves in knowing you, your family and your home are safe. If you want peace of mind to secure your home and possessions, then we highly recommend an intruder alarm – it is the first line of defence against intruders.

Using the Met Police website you can find out about the crime rates in your Area. Make sure to like our Facebook Page and follow our Instagram account.

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We are NSI accredited, installing insurance-approved alarms, which are easy to use and extremely reliable – they even come with an App facility to set and unset the alarm and allows you to check everything is safe in london

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