What’s the best burglar alarm system for my house?

The best burglar alarm systems in the UK in 2020 for domestic properties are the ones that conform to at least Grade 2 on the European Standards for intruder alarm systems (also known as EN50131). Most insurers will provide insurance for homes. They either have no alarm or have a Grade 1 alarm. But to take advantage of savings on premiums burglar alarms Finchley Whetstone, a grade 2 alarm offers better protection against intruders.

Recently, one of our estimators went to complete a FREE survey for a new home security system. The customer was looking to install a burglar alarm system. Due to feeling insecure and unsafe in their home in Finchley. Explaining that a friend’s grandmother had recently been burgled.

Unfortunately, she had fallen victim to a common scam. This often is to trick older people into allowing access to the property by pretending to be a council official or utility, maintenance worker. To gain entry they supposedly check on some leaking pipes. Meanwhile, the burglar opened the patio doors to allow his accomplice inside. The Finchley house was ransacked as the woman was distracted. A considerable quantity of valuables was stolen, including cash and priceless sentimental items which cannot be replaced.

An intruder alarm system with perimeter detection on the patio door could have prevented this incident. The alarm would have sounded when the patio door opened. This would have alerted the woman to an issue and likely scared the burglars away. However, the moral is to never let anyone into your home unless you can verify their identity. If need be, ask for their pass, which if they are genuine, will allow you to take them inside. It should have a number you can call. This means you can check that the person works for the company and the reason for their visit. If you cannot verify them as genuine employees, do not let them in.

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Different grades of alarm system

Most homes will benefit from installing a grade 2 wireless intruder alarm. These alarms provide protection against a casual burglar with limited knowledge of how alarm systems work. Properties with high-value contents such as jewellery and artwork require grade-3 alarm systems. These are the best burglar alarm systems because they protect every entry point. Generally, required for commercial properties with higher theft risks such as shopping centres.

Homes are left unattended during the day, whilst children go back to school and employees return to work. As a result, it’s never been more important to review your home security arrangements.

Third Eye Installation Systems offer a range of hardwired, wireless, and hybrid alarm systems. These can meet your exact needs and the installation cost includes a 12-monthly maintenance contract. We also fit smoke alarms and CO detectors to protect your family, as well as external beams to provide early detection of intruders. These would alert you, and/or the alarm monitoring centre. That would view the intruder and, if you had PA speakers installed, they could speak to and warn off intruders.

You can read more about burglar alarms, Finchley Whetstone, on this blog.

Secure Your Property in Finchley With Third Eye IS

At Third Eye IS, we provide hardwired, wireless, and hybrid alarm systems tailored to your needs. Our installations come with a 12-month maintenance contract and can include additional safety features like smoke alarms, CO detectors, and external beams. These added features not only protect your property but also provide peace of mind for you and your family.

Our team of experts will work with you to assess your property and recommend the best alarm system for your specific needs. We understand that every home is unique, and we want to ensure that your home is fully secured against potential intruders. Don’t leave your home security to chance. Contact Third Eye IS for expert advice on the best burglar alarm system for your property.

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