Security tips

It’s no secret that violent crime has increased over the last few years, the BBC has reported that this year alone it has increased by 19% Statistically speaking the chances of being a victim of theft and robbery are relatively small. However, people who have experienced having their homes or businesses broken into have said the real trauma is having the place they care about torn apart and the after-effects of the loss of valuable work or sentimental items that have been stolen. Security systems could prevent all of this. For the installation of burglar alarms and CCTV, contact our team. Find out about our inclusion in the new Loving Local Enfield magazine in this blog!

At Third Eye Security we have been providing security and safety systems to homes and businesses since 2006. Our Managing Director has 35 years of experience in the field, installing and providing the best security systems for you.

We were recently featured on the cover of Loving Local Enfield

With a wide range of security systems and options available to you, we take the time to discuss your concerns with you and help you to choose the best system for your needs.

Three Tips for Introducing a Security System to your home…

  1. You should first check with your insurance company for the type of alarm system required to correspond with your current policy, for example, a monitored or sounder-only alarm. A monitored alarm is more likely to be required for higher-risk properties or the use of CCTV options.
  2. Choosing a professional or self-monitored service/ system, most alarm systems use a subscription to a monitoring service to call emergency services if something goes wrong. This system ensures that the fire department or the police are contacted as soon as there is an emergency, even or especially in the event that you are not at home. With the added use of smartphone controls and other streaming features, some customers prefer to choose self-monitored security systems instead.
  3. The main attraction of a CCTV home security system tends to be the ability to add additional security devices over time as/ if required. At Third Eye, we can also integrate the new CCTV system into your existing or new home control systems and/or video monitoring systems to allow multi-viewing through the home TV system or allow streaming directly to your smartphone.

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