Protecting your Home and Car with CCTV

Protecting your Home and Car with CCTV. At Third Eye Installation Systems, we have had a few enquiries recently for CCTV installation. This was prompted because either the homeowner had their car stolen from their driveway, or had their catalytic converter stolen.

In a few cases, the stolen car was accessed via the keyless system so this is a quick reminder to put your key in a security bag or at least far away from the front door.

Home and Car Burglar cctv barnet

If you are looking for CCTV to specifically view your driveway/cars then you should consider installing the Hik Acusense cameras which can focus on human and vehicle events and only trigger the CCTV alarm when the pre-set intrusion takes place; it can also sort human and vehicle categories separately for easier footage searches.

Another CCTV option is the Hik ColorVu technology which can capture vivid full-colour details, even in total darkness.

For example, the colours of the clothing the intruder is wearing can also pick up the colour of any cars passing by.

Like in this video below:

A further option is to have the CCTV monitored with speakers. This enables the monitoring centre to speak to the intruder whilst also alerting the homeowner to the event.

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