Closed Circuit TV system in Whetstone 2022

Crime statistics show that schools suffer from more crime and vandalism during the summer holidays. This is more than at any other time of the year. A Closed Circuit TV system from Third Eye Installation Systems Whetstone can help prevent this!

Protecting your school premises and equipment from thieves and vandals is a year-round challenge. But with the long summer break just around the corner, headteachers, caretakers, and governors must be extra careful to ensure the security of their school whilst the kids are off having a bit of summer fun.

There are several ways to improve your school security and deter those who wish to steal or destroy property.

Closed Circuit TV system

CCTV provides protection for children and staff during school hours as well as for premises and equipment when school is closed. High-quality cameras provide superior images and streaming allowing unwanted visitors to be captured on film. This enhances crime detection rates as well as provides a deterrent to any would-be intruders

State-of-the-Art Alarm System

Burglar alarms provide a deterrent. Depending on the type of alarm may also automatically alert the police to a break-in or attempted break-in at your school.  Alarm systems should be positioned close to the area where more expensive items are kept. For example, IT or technical equipment.

Access Control Systems

Having full control over who can access the school grounds during holidays as well as term time is vital to maintaining good security. Many schools run holiday clubs during the summer break for the safety of the children and staff. A good quality entry phone system can help prevent trespassers.

Benefits of access control include:

  • Control over access to a room or building
  •  Audio and video door entry verification
  •  Protection of employees and sensitive information
  •  Keeping equipment secure
  •  No need to change locks when employees leave – just remove their ID
  •  Ensure all doors and windows are well maintained and locks are working properly

Most break-ins occur at weak points in the school’s security. Before the term is out, have your maintenance team check every window, door, gate, and fence to ensure that they are as secure as possible.

Keep school grounds clean and tidy over the summer

Cut back overgrown trees and bushes which might obscure cameras. Don’t leave tools or ladders lying around, as these could be used to gain access to the school.

Have a clear premises protection policy

Ensure all staff, especially the maintenance team or caretakers know exactly what to do in the event of an incident. Especially where school security has been compromised. Clearly state security instructions covering alarms, CCTV, access routes, times, management of keys, responsibilities, emergency numbers, etc.



If you are concerned about the security of your school, you can get high-quality advice from Third Eye Installation Systems. We’re a family-run business that cares about keeping your property safe. Third Eye is an NSI NACOSS Gold-approved company.

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