A Lovely Thank you from In Sue’s Name Charity

The following is a letter from In Sue’s Name Charity who is a Brain Tumour Research Charity that, with our help can find a cure for such a horrible illness. Here are Third Eye Installation Systems, we take pride in helping different charities and we are happy to donate an auction prize for their charity event which took place.

Dear Mark, In Sue's Name

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous support by donating an auction prize at our Greek Night for the charity In Sue’s Name.

As you know this charity was set up to raise funds for research into the causes and hopefully, one day a cure for Brain Cancer. This terrible disease kills more people under 45 than any other form of Cancer, but less than 1% of research funds go into this area of research.

We managed with the help and generosity of people like yourself to raise approximately £21,000 at this event and we are hoping in the coming year to run a number of other fundraising events.

Testimonial for third eye from in sues name

In Sue’s Name was founded in 2014 by David Taylor in memory of his beloved daughter Sue Blasotta, who died in 2011 of brain tumours.

It seemed more important that In Sue’s Name should be set up to honour Sue’s memory and legacy by campaigning to change that, and with brain cancers continuing to increase year after year, it seems even more urgent now.

The charity also has a Board of Trustees and a Friends of Sue group which supports and assists with the day-to-day running. The heart of In Sue’s Name, though, is our dedicated team of fundraisers and administrators – many friends and family of Sue and others like her, all victims of this terrible disease we’re determined to fight.*

Go to their website to donate today: https://insuesname.org.uk/

For more information on how we can help, visit our contact us now page.

*Information received from In Sue’s Name