24 Hour Shopping after the Second

Lockdown in Cockfosters

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CCTV Installation. When it comes to tackling crime, CCTV has established itself as an especially powerful option, as its popularity has shown.

It’s great news that many stores have announced they will open 24 hours in order to allow us all to visit their stores to stock up for Christmas and get those all-important presents.  This is great news for shoppers but of course, we think it could also be good news for burglars!

Although a high percentage of burglaries are committed during the day via the front door in Cockfosters. Usually, when the homeowner is at work, a larger amount of burglaries can happen in the middle of the night, when we are sound asleep in our beds.  It is very distressing to wake up the next morning to realise that someone has been in the house… You don’t want that feeling of going to see a ransacked downstairs! All while we have been sleeping soundly upstairs. This is why having a burglar deterrent can help with peace of mind for all the family.

Now, with 24-7 shopping, burglars may risk entering your property during these dark evenings – while presumably, we are out Christmas shopping!  They have no Cockfosters scruples!

Burglaries in London

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Obviously, we would recommend having lamps on timers to come on at dusk and perhaps a radio as well.  Burglars will often knock at the door of houses and when they don’t get an answer then they assume no one is home and take advantage. But lights and noise coming from the house just may dissuade them!

Another thing to dissuade them is an intruder alarm with a bright and loud siren/bell box installed front and back!

Third Eye may not offer 24-hour Cockfosters installation, but I am sure we can fit around your busy Christmas schedule to ensure that your property and your Christmas presents are safe this year.

So, when you are considering what to buy for Christmas – think about buying peace of mind!  Call us on 0208 368 1080 or contact us via sales@thirdeyeis.co.uk

Check out more of our blogs on how you can make your home more secure at: https://thirdeyeis.co.uk/2020/11/14/burglaries-in-london/

To be more aware of what is happening in your Borough, make sure to visit the Met Police website for updates!

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CCTV Installation Cockfosters. When it comes to tackling crime, CCTV has established itself as a compelling option, as its popularity has shown.

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