Door Intercom Systems

Third Eye Installation Systems can supply a variety of different door intercom systems as well as other home security solutions. These are including Comelit, Hikvison, BPT, BELL, Videx and, Fermax, to name but a few.

Firstly, we can also maintain and carry out repairs to many different manufacturers’ intercom systems.

Typical installations are for an audio door intercom system. It provides a two-way conversation from your front door to a suitable location within your home. Ergo, no need to open your door to strangers… You can vet all callers from the safety of your kitchen or any other location in your home or even via your mobile phone!

We can also install video intercom systems where the caller appears on the screen in the house. This is so you can be sure that the caller is who they claim to be.  A further advancement on this type of door intercom is to connect the system to your mobile phone! The person at the front door will appear on your mobile phone using your home network connection.  So, whether you are on the property or not, you can answer the door to anyone who knocks.

Intercom Installation

Third Eye can provide a multitude of scenarios to suit your budget. Your specific requirements from a single door and one wall-mounted handset, to a multi-apartment and multiple entry points.  Access control can also be added by means of a pin pad, tag or card reader.

third eye intercom

Extra Alarm Detection

Further alarm detection can be added in the form of external beams, linked to the CCTV system, which can be connected to our monitoring centre (ARC) and/or an APP via a mobile phone, to alert you of any trespassers/would-be intruders before they attempt to access the property. Pre-recorded messages or live broadcasts can also be added to our systems to warn off possible opportunists from proceeding further.

CCTV Systems

Providing a range of CCTV HD (high definition) systems, including the latest 4K technology for the home which can be viewed on your phone, Ipad and/or PC to allow you to view images from anywhere in the world.

We only use Hikvision cameras, which are the highest quality cameras on the market, as they provide superior images and streaming, especially when compared to standard analogue systems.  Our HD Turbo system is perfect for upgrading your old analogue cameras up to 8MP– we are sure you will notice the difference.

According to yearly independent research data from IHS Market, Hikvision has been ranked the No.1 market share leader globally for video surveillance equipment for five consecutive years.

When our Estimator carries out the FREE security survey, he would discuss the lens type and whether to use Turrets, Domes or Bullet Cameras in each location. He would also discuss how we would carry out the installation, from the position of the cameras to the images they capture, to ensure that facial and body movements are clear, along with any other details required as well as where the cables will run and the siting of the NVR.

Connecting, the CCTV system to an NVR (network video recorder) or DVR (digital video recorder). Which should be stored in a steel lockable box and out of sight.  We only use high-quality hard drives in our recorders as this is a major part of the system which needs to be 100% reliable.

Third Eye can also integrate the CCTV system into existing or new home control systems. Video matrix systems allow multi-views through the home TV system.

The Hikvision cameras come in many styles and offer different variables. These include the amount of storage available for the NVR and the megapixels of the individual cameras. Anything from 1 to 8 MP depending on what level of images you would like to receive.  We also understand the importance of choosing the correct hard drive to store any recorded camera footage.