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There are a number of reasons why businesses install CCTV systems.  In the case of schools and nurseries, it is to protect the children and staff and for shops, it is to protect their staff and stock.  Whatever the reason, you can be assured of the highest quality business security systems from Third Eye Installation Systems.

Our Estimator takes time to discuss and understand your needs and any third-party influences which may make an impact on your requirements; we don’t just sell systems – we look to deliver the best solution possible for the customer and work within your budget.

Our Estimator would discuss the difference between using Turrets, Domes or Bullet cameras and the most suitable lens type during the FREE security survey. He would also propose camera positions to ensure we capture the area clearly and obtain suitable coverage.

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Business CCTV Systems

We only use Hikvision cameras which are the highest quality cameras on the market.  They provide superior images and streaming especially when compared to standard analogue systems; our HD Turbo system is perfect for upgrading your old analogue cameras up to 8MP– we are sure you will notice the difference!

According to yearly independent research data from IHS Market, Hikvision has been ranked the No.1 market share leader globally for video surveillance equipment for five consecutive years.

We would connect the CCTV system to an NVR (network video recorder) or DVR (digital video recorder) which should be stored in a steel lockable box and out of sight or in a rack-mounted cabinet.

We also only use high-quality hard drives in our recorders as this is a major part of the system and needs to be 100% reliable.

There are many variables when installing CCTV systems not just the difference in cameras but also the amount of storage available for the NVR or DVR/POE and the megapixels of the individual cameras, anything from 1 to 12 MP, or even 4K, depending on what level of images you would like to receive and record.

We can also connect your cameras using your WiFi/broadband to allow you to view the images 24/7 on your phone, PC or Ipad, from anywhere in the world.
Intruder Alarms/ Analytic detection can be integrated into the CCTV to provide early detection and if required images and alarm zones are sent to our central station for a third-party response.

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