Why should I get an alarm system?

Many of our clients have probably been thinking “Why should I get an alarm system?” and then search for Third Eye IS burglar alarms when they contact us again after receiving our free quote.  Often weeks or months go by between the free quote and the decision to go ahead with installing a system.

People have a variety of reasons for procrastinating when it comes to a decision like this. Many of our customers who contacted us this week had their free quotes in 2017 or 2018.

Maybe, they are very busy and the job has taken a while to rise to the top of the pile.

They may be waiting for some other work to be completed first.

Or perhaps, they just don’t really see the value of having an alarm system installed. They may wait until something happens to them or a neighbour.

Many of our clients told us that it was their friend, neighbour, or themselves being burgled which prompted them to dig out the quote and get back in touch.

But really, why wait?

Get security and peace of mind knowing that in the event of an unlikely intrusion, bells will be triggered along with a notification. This will be via an app and/or monitoring, if selected, the Police will be on their way – no better peace of mind!

It’s always better to prevent a problem than have to clear it up after the event, right?

Alarm System and Security Camera

Reasons why you should install an alarm system TODAY.

(Or, as soon as we can get it done for you 😊)

  • Deterrent to burglars

Research shows that houses without alarm systems are 2.7 times more likely to be targeted than those with systems. A system can give your family a warning of an intruder. This allows them to get to a safe place in the event of a break-in. It will also alert the police quickly.

  • Protection against fire and carbon monoxide poisoning

Your and your family’s safety, while you sleep, is essential. Our intruder alarm can also be fitted with smoke or carbon monoxide detectors. This will alert you to the presence of fire, smoke, and poisonous gas. Some systems will automatically alert our central station. If set up they can send for the Fire Brigades and paramedics/Nurse call to come and deal with any situation.

Third Eye Alarm System

  • Reduced insurance premiums

Using approved alarm systems, installed by an accredited company, will reduce the risk of a catastrophic loss of your home and contents. This means that your Finchley home building and contents insurance premium can be significantly lower. As a result, giving you both financial and emotional peace of mind.

  • Monitor your home from wherever you are

Contemporary alarm systems allow the homeowner to monitor their property remotely using simple-to-use Finchley smartphone apps. These systems enable remote arming and disarming of alarms, and monitoring of the property is selected, via cameras and external motion detectors for early detection of unwanted intruders. For example at the rear of the property.

Alerts are sent to your phone and our central station if selected.

Audio speakers can be added to allow the homeowner or our central station to broadcast to the detection area.

Third Eye Installation Systems offers a range of hardwired, wireless, and hybrid alarm systems to meet your exact needs. The installation cost includes a 12-monthly maintenance contract.  We can also fit smoke alarms and CO detectors to protect your family, as well as external beams to provide early detection of intruders. These would alert you, and/or the alarm monitoring centre, who could view the intruder and, if you had PA speakers installed, they could speak to and warn off the intruder.

So, if you want to protect yourself and keep your family safe, don’t wait until after you’ve been burgled or suffered a fire in Finchley.

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Contact us today for our free, no-obligation on-site survey and written quotation and we will make sure that your home is trustedtraders.which.co.uk/…/third-eye-installation-systems-ltd safer in 2022 than it’s ever been.

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