Home Alarm Companies in Barnet

Our team installs intruder alarms London to help protect your home and family. Home alarm systems have saved millions worldwide, protecting families, company resources and assets, from burglaries and corporate theft.

Despite the high crime rate in 2021 (especially during the holidays), technology continues to protect our loved ones.  Many employees carry out their jobs knowing they are safe as business owners monitor their staff with security cameras. Families have peace of mind and sleep at night knowing their security systems monitor and notify them of suspicious activity around the house.

Every day, more people are installing home alarm systems and reducing the rate of burglaries within their environment.

Types of Security

Whether you’re installing security for your home or your business, there are many options to choose from, including:

  • Alarm systems
  • Motion sensors
  • CCTV
  • Intercom systems

The security option you choose is dependent on factors like what you need it for, your location, the number of people available in the building, etc.

These options can help make your choice and our customer support is excellent to help you decide – our very helpful office staff and our Engineers are here to help with any questions you have.

Importance of Security Installation

Most home alarm systems in Barnet are affordable and have a massive Return on Investment (ROI). Our customers pay for the system following installation – there are no monthly costs or extras for 12 months.

You can add smoke and CO2 detectors which will alert you to potential fires and quickly put them out.  Business owners can monitor their staff to ensure they are productive.

There are many reasons your security is essential, and some of them include:

Family Protection: Installing a home alarm system protects your family from burglars and vandalism. The presence of a security installation/bell box at the front of the property deters burglars as it increases their chance of getting caught and arrested.

Asset Protection: With the holiday season, robberies are at an all-time high. CCTV and intruder alarm motion detectors could send an alert that there is a security breach.

Conflict Resolution: Data from CCTV is often used in legal cases as evidence and help settle altercations and misunderstandings.

Crime Rate Reduction: Burglaries and vandalism in the UK surged in 2021, post-COVID. Installing a home alarm system reduces the risk of being burgled.

High Return on Investment: Third Eye Installation Systems offers a 12-month maintenance contract and guarantee for all parts and

Security Updates: Thanks to advancements in technology, many home alarm systems come with notifications that alert your mobile device of suspicious activations in seconds.

The peace of mind you get from knowing your home and family members are safe is priceless.  At Third Eye Installation Systems, we want homeowners to feel safe when making informed security decisions.

Evaluating your home security is crucial to making these decisions, and it’s best to have a security survey carried out when making your assessment.

We offer a free Home Security Survey at Third Eye Installation Systems which evaluates the strengths and vulnerabilities of your home.  It comes with a tailor-made written quotation that targets each area and best suits your needs.

For more information on the latest crime statistics in your area check the official Police Website.

Please contact us with any queries you may have.