Do you live in the NW3 area?

We understand that no one likes to focus on the negatives of their neighbourhood. This is especially as you and your family are happily living there. However, we think it could be a stepping stone towards making your home a happier and safer place, where other people may want to live, and perhaps visit the beautiful Hampstead area.

Between June 2020 and December 2020, there were 71 burglaries recorded which includes 14 in December 2020. We are not looking to alarm people but to inform you of the facts.

You can see from the London map below the areas which have the greatest risk of burglaries are the ones in dark red:

london borough crime chart


One tip to keep your home safe is to put yourself in the mind of a burglar. Looking at the possible entry points to your home and reviewing vulnerable areas can help with this.

Here are a few more tips:

  • Invest in timer switches and always have a few lights coming on at dusk. Dark, unlit properties are an inviting target as they look unoccupied.  
  • Ensure the rear of the house is illuminated with security lights, as well as the front.
  • Keep side gates and outbuilding securely locked as gates left on the latch can easily lure unwanted visitors.
  • Are your valuables left on display? All high-value products should be stored and/or locked away so potential burglars and opportunists are not aware of what you may have in your home.
  • Join a Neighbourhood Watch scheme as it is a great way to spread security alerts fast. Also, a good relationship with your neighbour means you will have someone else to keep an eye on it whenever you are away.
  • Installing an intruder alarm and/or CCTV is the greatest deterrent. 

Be aware if you live in Hampstead Heath or the NW3 area

This is where Third Eye can help. We regularly improve security for homes and businesses by installing burglar alarms and high-specification CCTV systems, as well as door intercoms, security lighting, and access control systems.

Third Eye Installation Systems is an NSI NACOSS-accredited company meeting its Gold standards. We have all the necessary insurances in place and our Engineers are fully trained and security vetted. 

So, if you want us to “Keep a Secure EYE on your Home or Business” then give us a call at 0208 368 1080 or email us at Alternatively, you can also visit our website.

Do not let this post alarm you! The area of Hampstead is beautiful – check out our Facebook post on the top things to do.

You can also check out the Metropolitan Police’s website for an overview of Hampstead.

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