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We have just been to do a quote at a new customer’s home, as unfortunately they have just been burgled. The burglar made use of the ladder he found in the neighbour’s garden. He used this to get through an upstairs window, where he ransacked all the upper rooms. Ladder Burglaries are the name for this! As unfortunate as this situation is, it’s also far too common! This is why it’s all the more important to have the correct safety measures, for your and your family’s safety! 

Third Eye Installation Systems believe that this was a targeted Ladder Burglary as there was an alarm system in place. The burglar stayed upstairs, thus avoiding setting off 2 devices, which would have called the monitoring station, who in turn would have immediately called the Police.

To avoid Ladder Burglaries, getting alarms and CCTV outside your home will scare these potential burglars off. You may think along with many others that this is a waste of money but the majority would highly disagree. It is a great investment to keep your family, belongings, and home safe generally. CCTV is a great way of being able to identify any burglars if a situation arose where you had to pursue legal action.

We are now quoting to carry out a Takeover Service of this alarm. Installing some more detection devices and possibly some window shock sensors is definitely recommended for your safety and can prevent situations like this from arising again. Also, we will install a live front bell box which will ring very loudly if any devices are activated, great for scaring away any unwanted trespassers. 

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