Latest Crime Figures

For the week commencing 29th October, there were over 75 reported burglaries in the borough of Barnet, according to the latest NHW Report.  The highest achievers were NW7 who had 10 burglaries, NW11 had 8, NW2 had 9, N20 had 8, HA8 had 8, N14 had 7, EN4 and EN5 shared 11, and N20 had 6.

There were a variety of ways the burglar gained access:

In NW7 the burglars removed the lead window from its frame to gain entry which set off the alarm.  The burglars then left and the owners woke up.    TIP: We like this one – it clearly shows that the alarm worked in keeping burglars out – Remember, set your alarm at night and sleep more soundly.

There was a particularly interesting one in N20 where the burglar smashed a glass in the French doors and used the keys on the other side to open the door to gain entry the burglar then carried out an untidy search of the entire house including the loft and behind the toilet!    TIP: Do not leave keys in doors apart from easy access your insurance may be invalid.a leading Alarm, CCTV and security systems provider throughout Whetstone, Barnet & North London

There was also an incident in N12 where they smashed the glass in the back door but were unable to gain entry – probably because the keys were not accessible, so the burglar went on to smash the living room window but it cracked so he left empty-handed.  The owner has the hassle and cost of replacing the glass – especially if he doesn’t have home insurance.    TIP:  Get an alarm and if you have big windows or French doors have a shock sensor fitted so that if the window is hit the house alarm will ring.

NOTE:  an alarm doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get burgled but the Police have stated that 70% of burglaries occur at properties without an alarm.  Give your family peace of mind to sleep easy at night and get an alarm.  If you have an alarm make sure you use it.  If you are going to be upstairs for some time then set your alarm. If you do not have an alarm contact us and get a free site survey at 0208 368 1080, or on Facebook here!

For more information on the crime happening in your area, visit the met police website and search your postcode.


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