Prevent Burglary – LONDON COMMUNITY x JUNE 2021

Attached is a link to this very interesting magazine we have received from our local Neighbourhood Watch. Looking at various security issues within the London area. We have summarized 2 items in particular which we have noted below:


Bank staff stops a scam. Bank staff foiled a scam to persuade a pensioner to pay more than £1,000 for a small amount of gardening.  Two rogue traders called the woman’s house. Carried out what police described as minor garden maintenance.  They demanded hundreds of pounds for the job and drove her to a nearby branch of Lloyds Bank so she could withdraw the cash, but fortunately, the staff there became suspicious and alerted the Police.

Female Burglar:  A woman has been jailed for four years after committing a distraction burglary against a vulnerable 83-year-old woman. Which then led to her falling down the stairs.  The victim answered a knock at her front door and was confronted by a woman claiming that someone had died and asking the victim to use her telephone.  She then entered the property and emerged with the victim’s handbag.

However, the homeowner noticed and challenged the thief which led to her falling down the stairs.  The thief fled the scene, ignoring the victim’s plight, and failed to seek medical assistance for her.  Fortunately, the victim was able to summon assistance from neighbours who immediately alerted the police; unfortunately, she had to be brought to the hospital for stitches for a leg injury…prevent burglars review

TIP:  If you are worried about your elderly relatives opening the door to strangers, then maybe think about installing a door entry system

We install several kinds, of audio, and video so that you don’t have to open the front door, but just deal with the caller via a handset – much easier to get rid of unwelcome callers that way!  One of our systems can even call a mobile number when it is activated (this requires a working WiFi/Broadband in the property).

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