Refurbishing – Don’t Forget The Security

Our Engineers have noticed that there is a lot of refurbishing of homes at the moment, which is great news, but we just want to remind you to think about security – alarm, door entry, security lighting, CCTV?  While the builders are ripping open walls it might be a good time to install a hardwired alarm system.  If you have an alarm already then you may need more devices for the extension.  We install and maintain alarms and also carry out repairs and take over existing systems and we can easily add devices to your system.  While you are bringing your house up to date you might also want to consider an audio or video entry system, so you don’t have to open the front door to strangers!

Pyronix Enforcer V10

What about CCTV?  Give Third Eye Installation Systems a call on 0208 368 1080 – we are happy to talk through all the options and/or meet you on-site to discuss your needs and we are happy to coordinate works with your builder.

TIP:  Burglars target properties that are being refurbished because security is often overlooked, but all too often we get calls telling us that newly delivered goods and the builder’s tools have been taken

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