Refurbished Property

We have noticed that there are a lot of properties being refurbished at the moment, which is great news, but can we remind you to think about security – intruder alarm and CCTV, video/audio door entry system, grilles, and Safes as well as security lighting. It is a perfect time to put in some hard wiring for all these products while the builders are knocking down walls. We are regularly contacted by new customers who have carried out refurbishment works on their homes, spending thousands of pounds on improving the value of their home which is great! However, they have forgotten to budget for security. We realize that security isn’t as interesting as the beautiful things we fill our homes with, but without security these things are vulnerable.

Alarm, CCTV and Security Systems Welcome to Third Eye Installation Systems – a leading Alarm, CCTV and security systems provider throughout Whetstone, Barnet & North London. It is our job to keep you and your property safe, whether you are a home or a business owner. This family-run business has been established since 2006, although our Managing Director has been in the security industry for over 35 years

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If you have an alarm already then you may need more devices for the extension. We not only install and maintain alarms but we can also carry out repairs and take over existing systems; we can easily add devices to your alarm/CCTV and even upgrade the system to give you text alerts, monitoring with or without Police response on your alarm.

While you are bringing your house up to date you might also want to consider an audio or video entry system, so you don’t have to open the front door to strangers! But let’s not forget CCTV.

Pyronix Enforcer V10


Burglars target properties that are being refurbished because security is often overlooked, but all too often we get calls telling us that newly delivered goods and builders’ tools have been taken. In fact, it happened just this week at a property in Enfield where the builders have been working for some months. They had a new expensive boiler (over £1,500!) delivered at 4.30 pm and by 8.30 am the next day it had been stolen! They hadn’t even paid for it nor did they have insurance – that’s a loss of £1,500! We could have installed an alarm for less than half that amount!

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TIP: Give Third Eye Installation Systems a call on 0208 368 1080 – we are happy to talk through all the options and/or meet you on-site to discuss your needs; we regularly coordinate works with builders and electricians to work together to get your home safe and secure. Don’t put it on the list, don’t put it on the back burner – ACT NOW and let Third Eye “Keep a Secure EYE on your Home & Business”