First Line of Defence against Burglars

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What is your first line of defence against burglars? The answer is your Cockfosters bell box on the front and rear of your property.  Next, you can tell quite a lot when you look at bell boxes – especially with a trained secure EYE! Some boxes have old telephone numbers or names of companies. Some of them have closed down, some are rusty and some have little light bulbs on top, others are crooked and falling!  These tell us in the security business that they are old and very likely not maintained, meaning they probably don’t work! Burglars in Cockfosters come to the same conclusion!

Intercom Installation

Third Eye can provide a multitude of scenarios to suit your budget. Your specific requirements from a single door and one wall-mounted handset, to multi-apartment and multiple entry points.  Access control can also be added by means of a pin pad, tag or card reader.

Extra Alarm Detection

Further alarm detection can be added in the form of external beams, linked to the CCTV system, which can be connected to our monitoring centre (ARC) and/or an APP via a mobile phone, to alert you of any trespassers/would-be intruders before they attempt to access the property. Pre-recorded messages or live broadcasts can also be added to our systems to warn off possible opportunists from proceeding further.

TIP:  Our highly trained, security-vetted, Engineers at Third Eye Installation Systems can carry out a Takeover Service of your alarm. Ergo, replace your bell box with bright clean ones.

Giving a very clear message that this alarm is maintained, working, and used. Call us at 0208 368 1080 to book this service and make sure you get the message across!

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