Are you having CCTV problems?

We were contacted over the weekend by a local bar and restaurant who were busy setting up for their New Year Eve’s celebrations but had just discovered that their DVR, which records all incidents from their CCTV system had been stolen!  They urgently needed to replace this DVR before the festivities started.  We had a quick search and the boss found a spare DVR– he’s always updating his technology at home!  We visited the site, installed the spare DVR, and got the system up and running – perfect!

Closed Circuit TV system

The restaurant/bar was then able to open for business on one of the busiest nights of the year!  We are due to return to the site to install a brand new NVR (network video recorder). We will possibly upgrade some of the old analogue cameras for the highest specification Hi-Definition cameras which give far superior images.

Why Install CCTV

There are a number of reasons why businesses install CCTV systems.  In the case of schools and nurseries, it is to protect the children and staff and for shops, it is to protect their staff and stock. Third Eye Installation Systems will always use the highest quality systems.

Our Estimator takes time to discuss and understand your needs. Any third-party influences which may make an impact on your requirements. We don’t just sell systems – we look to deliver the best solution possible for the customer and work within your budget.

Using Your Devices

We can also connect your cameras using your WiFi/broadband. This allows you to view the images 24/7 on your phone, PC or Ipad, from anywhere in the world.
Intruder Alarms/ Analytic detection can be integrated into the CCTV to provide early detection. When required images and alarm zones will be sent to our central station for a third-party response.

TIP:  We highly recommend locking up your CCTV recorder in a steel box – see image – and installing it somewhere less accessible.  It stops anyone from interfering with recordings, accidentally turning the system off and, of course, makes it difficult for someone to steal your important images.

If you’re having CCTV problems get in contact with us and we’ll help you to the best of our ability. Make sure to like us on Facebook to keep up to date!

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