Here at Third Eye Installations Systems, we are often asked by clients “What is a video intercom system and why do I need one?”

Intercom System



Third Eye Installation Systems can supply a variety of different door intercom systems, including Comelit, Hikvison, BPT, BELL, Videx and, Fermax, to name a few. Read more about our Intercom System below!

There are a wide variety of door intercom systems to choose from, the most basic being a two-way audio system that allows you to conduct a conversation with the person at your door from one or more locations on your property. These are simple to install and can enable you to decide whether or not to open the door. It could also be connected to your mobile phone so you can answer from the bathroom, should you wish.

Video Intercom System

More often, our customers ask for video intercom systems, which give the homeowner the advantage of viewing the caller before opening the door. Again the video intercom can be made available in more than one location in your home so you can vet your callers. Usually, however, customers opt for a system that connects to their smartphone which means you can speak to and see your caller from anywhere in the world. Imagine being able to answer your door whilst you are lying by the pool on your holiday!

But why would I want to do that, you may ask?

Being able to speak to your caller may give the impression that you are home which reduces the chances of your home being burgled whilst you are out, whether you’ve popped into town to do your shopping or you are away for two weeks on your annual vacation. Empty properties are perfect targets for thieves, some of whom are so bold that they will even scope out your property as a potential target by ringing your doorbell to see if you are in!

Personal Security

An advantage of video intercom systems is that because you can see the person at the door, you can verify their identity – they are who they say they are – before you open your door. This can help reduce your risk of being burgled too because you can ask the caller to show you their identification without compromising your personal security by opening the door. This is especially reassuring for older people who are often the target of scammers who pretend to be the gas or electric man “Just here to read the meter”.

Fermax Intercom

Safer Neighbourhoods

If you install a video intercom system, then you may be able to help make a safer neighbourhood in your area. Video intercom systems can record who is on your driveway, in your front garden, and at your door, which means that there is more of a deterrent to thieves and also a better chance of apprehending a criminal if an incident does occur. Some neighbourhoods have agreed to share footage to help solve crimes and improve the safety of their local area.

Intercom Installation

Third Eye can provide a multitude of scenarios to suit your budget and your specific requirements from a single door and one wall-mounted handset, to multi-apartment and multiple entry points.  Access control can also be added by means of a pin pad, tag, or card reader.

We’ve got you covered whatever your requirements, so get in touch today for your free, no-obligation quotation and make you and your property safer and more secure.

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