Protecting your home from crime

Follow our advice for home security London to keep your home safe from burglary, damage, doorstep theft, fly-tipping and squatters: protect your valuables, safeguard your building and secure your outside.

Burglars can often be opportunistic thieves preying on buildings and apartments. They are searching for any entrance they can take ownership of, specifically doors and windows left wide open or unlocked or easy to open. But deterring these thieves really doesn’t require much – just wise thinking. Homes without safety measures are five times more likely to burgle than households with basic safety measures. Read this blog and find out how to keep your Home Safe!



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Burglars will always be waiting for an occasion, so we’ve come up with some common-sense tips to assist protect your property against invaders.

Lock your doors and windows

Whether you’re out, at home or in your garden, your doors and garage doors must always be locked. Don’t forget to close your windows at night, and when you’re out, lock them. 24% of people leave their doors unlocked when they’re at home, but burglaries are committed even when there’s someone at home.

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Hide your keys

It is not recommended to hide your spare keys underneath the doormat.

Unattended packages and valuables invite burglars in

Consider sending your packages to a neighbour or having them shipped to a post office. Having them on show outside your house allows others to realise you’re not home. Having technology, cash and jewellery attract burglaries, so keep them out of sight.

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Place a dog bowl by the door (even if you don’t own a dog)

Burglars are cautious about dogs; they don’t want to get scratched or leave proof of DNA on the scene. Even a sign of ‘ Dog Beware ‘ may be off-putting.

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Don’t announce holiday plans

You’re fundamentally advertising the information that your home is empty, and that provides burglars with an opportunity to strike. You’re undoubtedly excited about your vacation plans, but keep them to yourself for now.

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Have an alarm system for home safety

The most important tip yet. It is almost impossible to catch a thief without a working home alarm scheme. 9/10 burglars are never recognised and alarm systems can assist to decrease this number.

According to the Metropolitan Police, if you have a well-equipped and very well-maintained burglar alarm system, you are less likely to become a victim of burglary. That means fitting one is a worthwhile investment.

It’s a fact that several burglars are returning to homes they’ve earlier burgled because after the first burglary the homeowner failed to upgrade their security. Sometimes they go back to an area trying to burgle a neighbouring home they found while making a prior break-in. More reason to make sure that you maintain your home as secure as possible is by fitting in an alarm system or upgrading your security at home.

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For more information from the UK, police follow the link to crime prevention advice.



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Extra steps you can take

Consider buying a shed alarm it’s so easy to add to your current Alarm. These are usually quite cheap but still effective. We give free quotes on this service.

Add an extra layer of protection to shed windows with laminate sheets of film or internal metal grills.

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