Know Barnet Burglary Figures and be safe

We have just received the latest crime figures from the Police for the last week. These are in and around the Borough of Barnet.

We have chosen a few choice reports to give you a quick overview:

NW11 Golders Green had the highest number of reported burglaries, coincidentally 11! Here are some details on just 2 of them:

1. The glass in the rear door which leads to the garden was smashed and they gained entry. They locked the front door while they carried out a thorough search of the house.

2. The top pane of glass above the rear kitchen door was smashed and they used the key – which was left in the lock – to gain easy entry.

TIP: Don’t leave keys lying about or in the door – it makes it so easy for the burglar! Get a quote on burglar alarm installation and increase the security of your home.

In the second place, was the HA8 Edgware which had 9 burglaries:

1. Suspect hooked keys off the wall through the front door letterbox and then walked around to the rear of the house and unlocked the rear sliding door.

2. Entry through the forced kitchen window and they then made an untidy search of the bedrooms where they found a safe which they removed.

TIP: Again, don’t leave keys on display and get your Safe professionally installed thereby making it harder for the thieves to take it away. Call Third Eye to get a professionally installed Safe.

And in third place, with 8 burglaries was N3 Finchley Central, where there was definitely a pattern looking at just these two:

1. Suspects smashed the rear glass door with a brick to enter the property.

2. Suspect has thrown a rock through a plate glass window, carried out a targeted search, and taken items.

TIP: Get an alarm with shock sensors on large glass windows/doors which will immediately set off the alarm when hit with force. The siren will sound and if you have text alerts the panel will send you a message; if you have the monitoring you will be called by the Call Centre and if you have a Police response alarm and the burglar entered the property and set off another device then the Police would be called immediately.

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The extensive report also notes burglaries in the following areas of Muswell Hill N10, Finchley N12, Cricklewood NW2, Colindale NW9, Cockfosters EN4, and Barnet EN5:

1. Attempted burglary by breaking the padlock on the side gate and damaging the door at the rear of the property.

2. Suspects have knocked on the front of the door and when not answered they tried to prise the door open. The homeowner was on the property and shouted at them and they fled.

TIP: If you had an alarm we could also install a panic attack button by the front door which, when pressed, would set off the siren.

3. Burglar gained entry through an unlocked rear door whilst the homeowner was upstairs.

TIP: Keep the front and back doors locked – ALWAYS! If you are home, put the bolt across the front door and remove the keys from the doors. If you have an alarm, and you are going to spend some time upstairs, put it on B (bedtime) setting which should alarm the ground floor and landing leaving you safe and secure upstairs knowing that the alarm would go off.

4. Homeowner woke up in the morning to discover she had been burgled and an untidy search made – while she was asleep!

TIP: Get an alarm! Use it at night! Better to be woken by the siren going off – at which point the burglar usually runs away – rather than discover that someone has been in your home!

5. Suspect climbed onto the flat roof to access the upper window to break in.

TIP: When we install an alarm we always recommend either shock sensors or room devices in the rooms which can be accessed from a flat roof.

6. At least two suspects have attempted to prise open/force the front door before being disturbed, they have then run back to an awaiting vehicle which then made off at speed. This burglary team is believed to be linked to a series of aggregated burglaries.

7. Suspect knocked on the front door but when they did after 5 mins the door was forced open, 2 suspects entered, and pushed viw1 onto the sofa before she screamed, her son shouted back and the suspects ran off.

8. TIP: When you are home, put the bolt across the door and make sure the back door is locked – ALWAYS!

9. Suspects have attempted to break the back door open, but have been scared off by the alarm.

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TIP: We like this one as it clearly shows that burglars are scared off by the noise of an alarm!

The above is just one week’s tally of burglaries. These occur day and night in your area – maybe a neighbour, maybe a friend’s neighbour. Although it is true that if the burglar wants to get in, despite locks, alarms, or CCTV, then they will! However, in general, burglars do not like alarms. They also do not like the noise of the alarm, they do not like to bring attention to themselves.

An alarm is your first line of defence again burglars!

Give us a call NOW at 0208 368 1080 or to get a competitive quote. Visit our website for more information. Third Eye is NSI NACOSS Gold accredited and professionally installs and maintains insurance-approved alarms.