What is the highest risk area for a home burglary in London?

According to the Office of National Statistics, there is a successful burglary every 76 seconds, with an average cost to homeowners of more than £2,000 per incident. There is some good news. Domestic burglary rates have been falling in England and Wales since 1995, however, there are significant seasonal variations and postcode hotspots for crime.




It’s that time of year when everyone resolves to do something positive. So we would like to offer to help you by “Keeping a Secure EYE on your Home or Business”. Set up your burglar alarms London today with Third Eye.  We are NSI NACOSS Gold accredited and committed to achieving their very high standards.  Our installations are guaranteed for 12 months, parts and labour meaning we visit the site if there are any problems in the first year.  We then offer a competitive maintenance contract on a 12-month rolling basis – no long contracts.

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Beware of what you say – Don’t openly share with people, for example on social media, details of when you will be away. If an opportunistic burglar hears that your property will be empty, it presents a perfect chance to break in uninterrupted.

Neighbourhood Watch – Taking part in a Neighbourhood Watch scheme, or even an informal community arrangement, can help prevent crime in your area. You could ask a neighbour to watch your house while you are away, even turning lights on and off or drawing curtains to deter burglars.

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With a burglary occurring every 76 seconds, protecting your home has never been more important. While domestic burglary rates have been falling, certain areas in London remain high-risk hotspots. At Third Eye Installation Systems, we are committed to keeping your home or business secure with our top-quality burglar alarms and security systems.

We offer NSI NACOSS Gold accredited installations that meet the highest standards of security. Our burglar alarm systems come with a 12-month guarantee for parts and labour, ensuring peace of mind. After the first year, we provide a competitive maintenance contract on a 12-month rolling basis, with no long-term commitments. Take the first step in securing your property by booking a free security survey with us. Our experts will assess your home or business and recommend the best security solutions to keep you safe. Contact us for more information.


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