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We recently upgraded an old and obsolete door intercom system in a block of flats in the local area. As you can see, we were faced with a mess of cables!  Each of them had to be tested and correctly labelled so that we could reuse them. Thereby saving the flat owners money as we did not need to re-wire a whole new system.

We did replace all 10 handsets and also installed a custom-made door station complete with engraving.  Looks pretty good!

Depending on the value of your stock and the requirements of your insurers, we can install Grade 2 alarms as standard, or Grade 3 for higher-value businesses that have high-end expensive merchandise.

TIP:  Third Eye can carry out repairs and/or replace the most difficult of existing installations so, if you have any audio or video intercom problems, or if you are just looking for a new installation then give us a call on 0208 368 1080.

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