Burglaries in the area – What’s Happened in 2022?

According to official statistics from UK Crime Stats, burglaries in 2022 have continued in significant numbers, despite the pandemic lockdown. Many more people work from home over the last few years.  The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reports that 58% of burglaries take place when the homeowner is at home.

Protecting your property from burglary isn’t difficult. Our alarms team offers emergency callouts for burglar alarms to help protect your property.

Third Eye works with homeowners and the surrounding areas and has close ties with the Police Safer Neighbourhood team.  They recently advised us of three break-ins in the EN4 postcode where intruders gained access via the rear of each property.

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Darker evenings lead to an increase in burglaries

Now that the clocks have gone back and the evenings are drawing in. It is even more important than ever to consider how to protect your property from opportunistic thieves. 

Some great questions to ask yourself are:


  • Have your windows got locked? 

If so, make sure all windows are locked before you go to bed.  Keep windows locked at all times in rooms that you don’t use frequently.  Remove window lock keys from the windows and store them safely away from the window.


  • Do you have insurance-approved locks on the front and rear doors?

Again, ensure all locks are properly locked and bolted before you turn in for the night and never store the key in the door. 


  • Is there an alarm on your property?  

If yes, great – but make sure you use it for the day and night settings.  Also, if you were in the house and upstairs for a while, then perhaps think about setting the alarm for the night setting (as long as no one else is downstairs). This means if there were an intruder on the ground floor your alarm would sound.

If you don’t have an alarm then consider installing one. Not only for the peace of mind it brings, but the deterrent factor of a lit-up siren/bell box outside your house. This would make a lot of noise and scare off would-be intruders. 


The best deterrent against burglaries

Burglars hate bringing attention to themselves, so protect your property with motion-detecting security lights and an intruder alarm. The chances of being a victim of burglary are around 1 in 147. Statistics from the ONS show that the value of property stolen is around 3 times higher than in any other area of the country.


You can get peace of mind and protect against losing your most valuable possessions by installing an alarm that is connected to your mobile so you can keep an eye on your house when you are away from home. Keep connected even when you are abroad.  Some of our alarms can be connected to the Police via a monitoring centre. This could include a private security company patrolling nearby.  The monitoring centre would alert everyone in the event of activation and break-in.  You can check out one of our previous blogs for more information on your options.

 CCTV with Remote Monitoring

Intruder alarm installation

Third Eye provides a range of alarm systems to suit your budget and your specific requirements.  If you are interested in improving the security of your home (or business) give Third Eye Installation Systems a call at 0208 368 1080 or email us at sales@thirdeyeis.co.uk    We are happy to advise and talk you through your options – no obligation.   We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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Burglar Alarms

We typically install hard-wired systems for business security, but can also install wireless or even a hybrid system, this being a mix of hardwired and wireless devices.
Whatever your requirements you can be assured of the highest quality systems from Third Eye Installation Systems.  Our surveyors take time to discuss and understand your needs and concerns and take into consideration any third-party influences which may impact your needs.  We don’t just sell boxes – we look to deliver the best solution possible for the customer and, of course, work within your budget.
We generally install Grade 2 or Grade 3 burglar alarm systems in business premises, which are defined below.

Simply put, there are just 4 Grades of alarm systems:

Grade 1 – these are not recommended by us nor approved by insurers.  They can be easily tampered with and disabled.
Grade 2 – these panels are difficult to access and offer much better protection; they are well-suited for businesses.  We install Grade 2, insurance approved, systems as a minimum as there are safety measures in place to create a tamper alert, thus an activation.
Grade 3 – these panels are more suitable for large businesses with multiple access points.  These systems also have safety measures to ensure that tampering immediately causes an activation; this level of alarm is usually monitored.
Grade 4 – these are most widely installed in larger business premises, warehouses, and banks.

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